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from a dream to reality...

Koe Latte was founded by Ankoe, a Hong Kong based CG animator, who has worked in film production for 10 years, involving in shows such as Astro-Boy, Lost Bullet, ChenZhen and Shaolin, etc. Like many others, Ankoe loves to discover interesting things, she enjoys sculpturing and photography, always craves for fine details and colourful items. On top of that she wants to share her happiness with her dearest friends. In October 2012, Ankoe decided to leave her animation job, and so her soap art begins.

Realising that sharing makes all the difference, Ankoe transformed herself into a soap artist and established Koe Latte. Ankoe believes that there is heart and soul in every piece of soap and does her best to preserve that. We hope you would appreciate soap art as much as we do and make the most of it, that would be the best tribute to craft making.

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